Makeup Revolution Soph X 24 Ultra Professional Eye-shadows Palette Review

In this Blog Post I will be talking about the Makeup revolution Soph X palette. This palette was created by none other than my favorite youtuber SophDoesNails. This palette is extremely affordable it is only £10 and has a total of 24 eye-shadows. Thats about 42p per shadow. This is the palettes shown below.

The packaging for the palette is super nice, the actual box the palette comes in is a pink and peach water color painting which Soph actually painted herself and all lettering on the box is in a metallic rose gold color.20180119_190005[1]Image result for makeup revolution soph x palette and box

The shades from this palette were chosen by Soph and all were named by her with things she likes. For example the fourth shade on the top row is called ‘Fairy lights’ and that shade is named after the fairy lights Soph has always had in the background of her videos.

The pigment in these shadows are absolutely amazing and they shadows are so creamy The and super easy to blend. The eye shadows do have some slight fall out but to be honest I don’t mind that.

Here are my swatches of the palettes. These are the matte shades.

The top shade is ‘Strawberry Sweets’ (a hot pink shade).

The 2nd shade is ‘Rosewood’ (a chocolaty brown shade).

The 3rd shade is one of my favorite mattes shades ‘Danger’ (a burnt red shade)

And the 4th shade is ‘Cuppa tea’ (a cool orangery brown shade).


Now are my shimmer swatches.Screenshot_20180119-212229[1]

The top shade is ‘Fairy Lights’ (a shimmery pink shade).

The 2nd shade is ‘Mixed Berries’ (a shimmery burgundy purple shade).

The 3rd shade is ‘Sparks Fly’ (a light gold shimmery shade).

The 4th shade is ‘Grow Old’ (a bronze gold shade).


I did this eye look using the following shades from the palette.

I first off used the shade ‘Pancakes’ as my base color to set my lids after my primer.Screenshot_20180119-212256[1]

Then as my crease shades I blended the shades ‘cuppa tea’ ‘ Tiramisu’ ‘Danger’ and ‘Mug Cake’ all through my crease as my transition shades.Screenshot_20180119-212248[1]Screenshot_20180119-212244[1]I then used the shade ‘Copper coin’ on my lid it was so metallic and then I put ‘Fairy Lights’ on my inner tear-duct and that was my look done.

I would 100% recommend this palette not only because Soph is my favorite youtuber.


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