Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallete Dupe- Bare Faced Chic Natural Eye Pallete!

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallete is one of my all time favorite  eyeshadow palletes ever. However it is quite pricey on the official Urban Decay website or Debenahams it retails for £39.50! However the dupe i have found on a website called Groupon is just £3.98 with a shipping fee of £1.99. That is a price difference of £33.53!!!!!! That is a massive save!

I am also by no means saying that one pallete is better than the other.

This is a side by side comparison of what the two palletes look like. Urban Decay is on the Left and BareFacedChic on the Right.




Here are some swatches of some shades that i believe are very similar. Urban decay on the Left and the top of the swatch photos, and Barefacedchic on the Right and bottom in the swatch photos.

First we have some Matte shades.

First up we have Limit from the Naked 3 pallete which is a really good matte transition shade  for in your crease and the dupe in the Barefacedchic pallete shown below.




I think these are really good dupes they have very similar undertones, I think the only difference is that the Barefacedchic shadow is a little bit of a lighter shade but when they are on the eyes the look almost identical.

Next is Nooner from the Naked 3 pallete, which is a dark mauve shade which is good to deepen your crease, and the dupe in the Barefacedchic pallete shown below.


I think these are really good dupes, as they both are really similar shades and they both apply really similarly and they are also both really smooth an buttery when you swatch and apply them.

Now onto the shimmers!

Next up is Trick from the Naked 3 pallete, and this is a really nice shimmery coppery shade , which is a beautiful shade to apply on the lid, and the dupe from the Barefacedchic pallete.


These shades are really good dupes as they have really similar undertones and even the glitters in them are such similar colours. I even think the Barefacedchic shade is a better smoother formula and has a better amount of pigmentation.

Next I have the shade Blackheart from the Naked 3 pallete, which is a brown almost black shade which has a shimmer to it which is good to apply on the outer V on your eye. And the dupe from the Barefacedchic pallete.

I think thesse are really good dupes as they have almost identical shades, however I think the Barefacedchic colour does have a bit more of a shimmer to it, but when they are both applied to the eyes you cant really tell a difference.

Next is Blackheart from the Naked 3 pallete, which is a black shade with a red shimmer, which is really good also for your outer V, and the dupe from the Barefacedchic pallete.

These are similar shades however i think the shade from the Naked Pallete is a bit more black and has a different colour shimmer as it is a red glitter in the shade from the Naked pallete, but in the Barefacedchic pallete it has a silver glitter instead so I would not say they are exact dupe.

So overall if you jut want to try out some shades like the shades in these palletes if you dont want to go out and spend nearly £40 I would really 100% recommend this pallete and I honestly would recommend these both to you.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions please leave them in the comments


My top 11 nude lip products for fair skin.

In this blog I will be talking about my top 11 lip products for fair skin. I personally have very fair skin and these are the lipsticks that work best with my skin tone.

These products are also in no particular order.

Benifit hoola lip gloss

My first lip product on the list is the ‘Benefit Ultra-plush Hoola lip gloss.’ This lip gloss  is £15 for a full size tube and it has 15ml in it. This is a very sheer lip gloss that can be worn alone to add a nice shine to your lips or you can use it as a lip topper over a normal lipstick to add a bit of gloss to your lips. The formula of this gloss is really nice as it is quite a thin consistency and it i not sticky at all, and it is also quite long- wearing.

Clinque lip gloss bamboo pink

My second lip product on my list is the ‘Clinique long last gloss wear SPF 15’ lip gloss in ‘Bamboo pink’. This product costs between £16.50 to £18.00 and it has 6ml in it This gloss is a light pink colour with a very fine silver glitter in it. And like the last gloss it can be worn on its own or over another lipstick. The formula for this product is a bit sticky but it is not so sticky that it is un-bearable, it also has a slight bit of fine, silver glitter. On the Clinique website this product claims to last 8 hours, I would not go as far as to say it lasts 8 hour however it does last a few hours, but it is easy to occasionally top it up if you need to.

Kate Moss matte lipstick 101

My third lip product on my list is the ‘Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick’ in the shade ‘101’. This lipstick costs £5.49 and has 4 grams in it. This lipstick is a very light baby pink matte lipstick, which is  not at all drying and does not cling to any chapped parts of your lips like a matte liquid lipstick would do. It is also quite long lasting but is transferable so it will possibly wear away when you eat or drink anything.

Mac patentpolish lip pencil in revved up

My fourth lip product on the list is the ‘Mac patent-polish lip pencil’ in ‘Revved up’. This product costs £18.00 and it has 2.3 grams in it. It is a very sheer pink glossy lipstick with slight gold reflects in it. it is quite a thick consistency but it is still very creamy and smooth on the lips.

Soap and glory gloss stick in nudist and pink a boo

My fifth and sixth lip products on the list is the ‘Soap and Glory Sexy Mother pucker Gloss sticks’ in the 2  shades ‘Nudist and Pink a Boo’. These lipsticks cost £3.50 and they have 1.5 grams in them so they are really affordable and they are extremely pigmented glosses. Nudist is a glossy brown shade and pink a boo is a baby pink glossy shade with a bit of silver glitter in it.

Soap and glory matte stick in chocoberry

My seventh lip product on the list is the ‘Soap and Glory, Matte lip’ lipstick in the shade ‘Choccoberry’. Like the last 2 this lipstick is only £3.50 and has 1.5 grams. This lipstick is super matte and creamy and not drying at all. It is a really nice dark pink.

No7 moisture drench lipstick in soft tulip


My eighth product in this list is the ‘ No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick’ In the shade ‘Soft Tulip, 730’. This product is £10.00 and has 3.8 grams. As said in the name of the product this a really moisturizing product which is extremely pigmented. It is a really bright pink colour which is perfect for the spring and summer.

Elizabeth arden beautiful colour lipstick in desert rose and breathless

My ninth and tenth lip products on this list is the ‘Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour moisturizing lipstick’.  My 2 favorite shades of these lipsticks are ‘Breathless and Desert Rose’. These lipsticks cost £22.00 and have 3.5 grams. Breathless is a dark mauve rose matte shade. Whereas Desert rose is a brown nude shade with flecks  of gold glitter in it.

Nyx soft matte lip cream in cannes

The last product on my list is one of my all time favorite lip products which is the ‘NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream’ in the shade ‘Cannes’. This product costs £6.00 and has 8 ml in it. This product is my perfect nude colour and it is really nice as it is matte but it is really smooth and creamy on the lips and not at all drying.

So these are my all time favorite nude lip products and if you have tried any of these products or want to try them let me know in the comments. And if you have any questions about these products feel free to leave them in the comments.

Makeup Revolution Soph X 24 Ultra Professional Eye-shadows Palette Review

In this Blog Post I will be talking about the Makeup revolution Soph X palette. This palette was created by none other than my favorite youtuber SophDoesNails. This palette is extremely affordable it is only £10 and has a total of 24 eye-shadows. Thats about 42p per shadow. This is the palettes shown below.

The packaging for the palette is super nice, the actual box the palette comes in is a pink and peach water color painting which Soph actually painted herself and all lettering on the box is in a metallic rose gold color.20180119_190005[1]Image result for makeup revolution soph x palette and box

The shades from this palette were chosen by Soph and all were named by her with things she likes. For example the fourth shade on the top row is called ‘Fairy lights’ and that shade is named after the fairy lights Soph has always had in the background of her videos.

The pigment in these shadows are absolutely amazing and they shadows are so creamy The and super easy to blend. The eye shadows do have some slight fall out but to be honest I don’t mind that.

Here are my swatches of the palettes. These are the matte shades.

The top shade is ‘Strawberry Sweets’ (a hot pink shade).

The 2nd shade is ‘Rosewood’ (a chocolaty brown shade).

The 3rd shade is one of my favorite mattes shades ‘Danger’ (a burnt red shade)

And the 4th shade is ‘Cuppa tea’ (a cool orangery brown shade).


Now are my shimmer swatches.Screenshot_20180119-212229[1]

The top shade is ‘Fairy Lights’ (a shimmery pink shade).

The 2nd shade is ‘Mixed Berries’ (a shimmery burgundy purple shade).

The 3rd shade is ‘Sparks Fly’ (a light gold shimmery shade).

The 4th shade is ‘Grow Old’ (a bronze gold shade).


I did this eye look using the following shades from the palette.

I first off used the shade ‘Pancakes’ as my base color to set my lids after my primer.Screenshot_20180119-212256[1]

Then as my crease shades I blended the shades ‘cuppa tea’ ‘ Tiramisu’ ‘Danger’ and ‘Mug Cake’ all through my crease as my transition shades.Screenshot_20180119-212248[1]Screenshot_20180119-212244[1]I then used the shade ‘Copper coin’ on my lid it was so metallic and then I put ‘Fairy Lights’ on my inner tear-duct and that was my look done.

I would 100% recommend this palette not only because Soph is my favorite youtuber.


Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define, Full coverage Conceal and Contour Concealer Review!!!

In this blog I am going to be talking about the new Makeup revolution concealer. This concealer officially launched on the 3rd of January 2018, and it can be purchased in any superdrug  stores in the UK or on Makeup Revolution’s official ‘Tam Beauty’ website.


There is a rather wide shade selection, their are 18 different shades available from fair shades to deep shades, with cool and warm undertones. All 18 shades are swatched below.


concealer (2)

The formula of this concealer is very lightweight, however the formula is also very full coverage. It also has a matte finish, but it is not at all drying in any way.


Each concealer is £4 and has 0.11 fl oz/3.4 ml in it. The packaging is also very nice it is a glass bottle with a rose gold lid and label, with a circular shade label on the bottom of the bottle. It also doesn’t look cheap or tacky in any way.

It blends out seamlessly with a beauty-blender or beauty sponge; however when i tried to blend it out with my oval concealer brush it was a bit streaky and patchy, so i would recommend using a beauty-blender/beauty sponge.

Even though it is a matte finish concealer, I still had to set it with a powder, I used the Makeup Revolution Bake and Finish loose setting powder.

It also lasts very well through-out the day, but i think it lasts best when using a primer, I used the collection primed and ready mattifiying pore minimizing face primer.

Overall i would 100% recommend this concealer.





DIY Lip Scrub:



  • Golden granulated sugar
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Food colouring (optional)


Step 1:  In a mixing bowl or container add your sugar and olive oil in about the ratio 5:1.  If the consistency of your scrub is too runny,  add some more sugar. And if it is to thick and gritty add some more olive oil.  This is how mine turned out.


Step 2: If you would like too you could also add some essential oils like vanilla extract or bubble-gum extract. Or some food dyes, gels or colourings.20180113_154037[1]


Step 3: Put your scrub into a clean, empty, sanitized container. And then you are done you have your very own DIY lip scrub.


If you have any  makeup products you would like a review on in the future please let me know in the comments of this blog and I will try to make it happen.